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    Depending on what your requirements are, our bio plastic can either be bio-based, biodegradable, or bio-neutral.

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    Our bi-co-continuous process makes the production of bio plastics more economical and offers a platform for innovation. Read more.

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    To help you access new markets or innovate in biopolymers we offer two licenses: Compounding License or Technology License.

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    • Bio plastics: A hot topic at K2013

      Bio plastics: A hot topic at K2013

      Over the past week representatives of the plastics industry from all over the world gathered in Düsseldorf for K-Messe – the world’s largest trade fair for plastic and rubber. BIOP was there too – though on this occasion not with a flashy stand. Instead our management team visited key players at their respective stands. Having
    • Would you chew on a plastic bottle?

      Would you chew on a plastic bottle?

      Obviously you wouldn’t chew on a plastic bottle! But plastic might already be part of your regular diet. Think about when you last ate fish. Fish, as other sea creatures and birds, confuse floating plastic particles with eggs or prey. This way they digest the lingering toxicants in the plastic debris; and with each step

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    BIOP  @BIOP_Tech
    Great article in @NatureMagazine calling to reduce waste production http://t.co/erAJB5bf4Z - we think biodegradable plastic would help 
    BIOP  @BIOP_Tech
    #K2013 is over. 3 days of talking and 1 hot topic: the market is ready for bio plastics and BIOP has the technology http://t.co/QWn04ye98K 
    BIOP  @BIOP_Tech
    #bioplastics was a hot topic at #K2013: Several companies expressed interest in licensing our BIOPAR Technology to enter this market